Friday, May 29, 2015

PFA President withdraws motion to suspend Israel from FIFA

Rambling Rajoub in action
On a day when all was set to happen, everything stayed the same. After promising not to accept any half-measures or side deals PFA President Jibril Rajoub unexpectedly withdrew the motion to suspend the Israeli FA from FIFA.

It was a conclusion no one saw coming. The day started with a good amount of protestors amassing outside the FIFA Congress- one of whom managed to get into the auditorium and flash a red card and a Palestinian flag before being dragged out.

Point 15.1 on the Agenda was finally discussed late in the afternoon but not before Mr. Rajoub got up to make an important amendment to the proposal. Rajoub spoke of the previous failures of FIFA to solve the impasse, reminding the audience that this was the third year in a row he was addressing the FIFA Congress about this issue. Despite his dismay, the former head of Internal Security said he was withdrawing the motion at the behest of many "friends" who advised him to do so.

He instead proposed a vote on three points: